CDL celebrates 60th anniversary

City Development Limited pay tribute to the group 60th anniversary at Orchard Hotel Singapore on Sept 5 . To rejoice over this prestigious event, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong was being invited to grace this honorable event as VIP being invited by CDL to the event organized to grace the important event, paying tribute to the company’s presence over the years since operating the business with just eight manpower in 1963.
In today’s market, CDL is a international brand in real estate segment with wide spectrum property portfolio from residential to hospitality. Take for an example, Millennium & Copthorne Hotels, has strengthened its portfolios from one hotel to over 155 hotels till date. Collectively, the group has a gross nett worth of total $31 billion with their assets and over eight thousand employees globally. 
In return of the company’s scaling onward since the late founder of Hong Leong Group founder Kwek Hong Png bought a block of CDL shares in 1969, CDL’s executive chairman Kwek Leng Beng spoken at the event. “From a home-based group, we established and scale higher our establishment beyond Singapore’s this sunny island to the region and further onto the global stage, operating businesses across five continents,” he says.


CEO Sherman Kwek of CDL also furnished his dedicated thoughts during the celebration on the stage to past and present CDL leaders. Furthermore, he spoke on CDL’s principle of collaboration, honesty and creativity “Customers and employees are the key major asset in any organisation, and I would like to hold an high esteem to all my partners for their commitment, endless care and support that has given us so much to be notable of,” he adds.
CDL has been participating with the National Council of Social Service to establish a new health being therapy facility for children and families housed at City Square Mall In celebration of its 60th anniversary, and fund raising for Community Chest. It has also cast a wider network to its partnership with the National Parks Board on the CDL Green Gallery and Garden City Fund, partnered with MigrantWell Singapore to solidify the holistic of its foreign workers and is building a new annexe for its Singapore Sustainability Academy in City Rectangle Retail Centre.

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